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10 Fascinating Sites to See in Berlin

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For a number of years, the world stood by to discover more about the lovely city that was once divided by a massive wall, which most people thought would never be torn down. At present, so much has changed in Berlin and it is now known as a youthful and vibrant city with a promising future. After all, only a city with diverse culture and gripping history can give travellers a number of interesting sites that are worth a visit. While much of the city suffered from deterioration during the last years of the second world war, it is now a magnificent site to explore because of its modern attractions, enchanting culture and thriving economy.

To find out more about the different places to visit in Berlin, check out this list of the city’s finest attractions.

1. Reichstag

The Parliament dates back to the period of the Holy Roman Empire and eventually used during the rise of the Nazi regime. Even until today, the Reichstag is still in use and it remains as a building that has undergone a series of transformations. Primarily, this structure was built for the German people, which made it a historical edifice. Over the years, the Reichstag served as the meeting place during Nazi Germany and it is currently the meeting venue of the German parliament or the Bundestag. Tourists make it a point to check out the Reichstag, particularly because of the lovely glass dome that offers a 360-degree view of Berlin.


2. Brandenburg Gate

This gate is also referred to as the Berlin’s and Germany’s symbol, as it once was a city gate situated on the west part of the city center. The Brandenburg gate also served as a monumental entry point and it is the last existing gate of the several others that were once used in the palace of monarchs in Prussia. Lastly, the gate was constructed as a symbol of lasting peace in the city.

Brandenburg Gate

3. Holocaust Memorial

It was in 2005 when the Holocaust Memorial was first made available to the public and it served as a special site where there were more than 2000 slabs of concrete arranged in a grid pattern to form a maze. It was intended to represent a certain system that became completely shattered beyond human reason. While it was considered as controversial, it is nonetheless an artistic site that symbolizes the group of people in the process of healing their past in this torn city.

Holocaust Memorial

4. Ku’Damm

This shopping street in Berlin only shows how the city is becoming on of the world’s fashion capitals. It is in this street where you can take your pick of the finest fashion designer boutiques and trendy restaurants that will suit your fancy. Moreover, it even has a historical context as it is situated in the place where German student movements occurred in the Cold War.


5. German Historical Museum

For cities that have undergone intensive changes, one of the perfect places to visit to learn more about its history is a museum. The German Historical Museum was established in 1987 prior to the fall of the great Berlin Wall. It was intended to commemorate the 75th year of the founding of this great city. The museum also offers information about the rich history of Germany including the story between this country and the rest of Europe.

German Historical Museum

6. Berliner Cathedral

This stunning architectural structure is so impressive that some people find themselves completely in awe upon seeing this cathedral for the first time. Situated in Berlin’s Museum Island, this evangelical church is indeed one of the city’s most remarkable infrastructures. To have a glimpse of the fantastic view over the city center, make it a point to climb to the topmost portion of this cathedral.

Berlin Cathedral

7. Berliner Fernsehturm

Almost every city in the world has a massive observation deck that offers spectacular views, which triggers many peoples’ fear of heights – it certainly triggered mine! The Berliner Fernsehturm is considered as the highest construction in Germany which stands at a height of 368 meters. The best time to get an excellent view of the city is on a fine and clear day and you may experience the astounding feeling of dining in the restaurant located in this observation deck.

Berliner Fernsehturm

8. Checkpoint Charlie

It once served as a crossing point between the West and East Berlin, but now it is merely a tourist destination. Back then, it was a checkpoint area for foreigner who intend to pass by the Eastern or Western portions of Berlin, and is now hosted in the Allied Museum. You may also notice at the intersection of the Friedrichstraße and Zimmerstraße the famous “You Are Leaving the American Sector” sign.

Checkpoint Charlie

9. Humboldt Universität

It is common among various renowned cities in the world to have prestigious universities, which also serves as a tourist destination because of its grandeur and superb beauty. The same holds true with the Humboldt Universität, which is Berlin’s oldest university. It is also regarded as the alma mater of some of history’s important individuals including Karl Marx, Fredrich Engels and Albert Einstein.

Humboldt Universität

10. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

The Berlin Wall Memorial is not only a famous attraction in Germany, but it is also a great reminder of an important piece in the world’s history. For those who wish to go back in time and relive this period in history, visiting this place will likely give you a haunting feeling. It can also make you remember the lives of those who passed away after crossing this wall. In fact, you can find some inscriptions on the wall that show gripping war messages. Overall, the construction and destruction of the Berlin Wall is one of the most significant events in the 20th century that you should check out during your Berlin trip.

Berlin Wall


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