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Top Five Must See Attractions In Paris

Eiffel Tower

Paris is on almost everyone’s list of places they want to see in their lifetime.  The city is soaked in beautiful history in the form of museums, palaces, gardens, and the famous Eiffel Tower. As enjoyable as spending your days shopping and enjoying th...Read more

7 Reasons why Istanbul Deserves to Be in Your List of Must-Visit Places

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Istanbul is an enchanting city in Turkey, which is known for its rich and fascinating past when it used to be the center of history’s famous empires including the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. With the influence of this cultural heritage, Istanbul h...Read more

10 Must-See Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is known by many as the green capital of Asia as it only in this city where you can find monkeys scampering near skyscrapers, or find boa constrictors occasionally slithering across the streets. The city offers a wide range landscapes and fre...Read more

10 Fascinating Sites to See in Berlin

For a number of years, the world stood by to discover more about the lovely city that was once divided by a massive wall, which most people thought would never be torn down. At present, so much has changed in Berlin and it is now known as a youthful and v...Read more