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10 Fascinating Sites to See in Berlin

For a number of years, the world stood by to discover more about the lovely city that was once divided by a massive wall, which most people thought would never be torn down. At present, so much has changed in Berlin and it is now known as a youthful and v...Read more

10 Fascinating Must-See Attractions in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Although most people assume that San Francisco is a vast city, it is quite small, geographically. Covering only 49 square miles, you will be amazed by the fact that there are tons of things to see and do in this small city in the United States. So, if wha...Read more

10 Awe-Inspiring Places to Check Out in Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Thinking of the best places to visit in Rio de Janeiro to make your trip worthwhile? Rio is Brazil’s second largest city and it is situated on the Southern Coast of the Atlantic. This thriving and vibrant city is famous all over the world for its re...Read more

35 Do’s and Don’ts of Flying

Don’t make jokes about blowing up the airport, even (especially!) on Twitter. Stock up with a good book and some magazines Work out your transport at the other end beforehand. Waiting in line for cabs can be brutal. Don’t over pack, unless you want to...Read more

First Post – Welcome!

We’re very pleased to have officially launched the Green Path Transfers blog. We will be blogging about all things travel, especially eco-friendly transportation, plus lots of local destination information. We also expect to have some of our favouri...Read more