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Dublin Airport Transfers

Book your eco-friendly Dublin Airport Transfer service by using the search box above. Our prices are also consistently lower than those of our competitors. So what are you waiting for? Do some good for Mother Nature, do some good for your wallet, and book one of our Dublin Airport Transfers today!

Experience the Fascinating Mysteries of Dublin

Steeped in folklore and a mystifying past, Dublin still continues to cast awe and wonder among the hundreds of tourists who visit, seeking to experience the city’s moods and mysteries. Many people who stayed within the city have said that the experience was something akin to travelling to another time instead of just another country. This is exactly what the capital of Ireland holds in store for many who reach its shores.

All international tourists enter the city through the Dublin Airport. Its first terminal was built in 1940 and it has expanded ever since, now maintaining two advanced terminals. The airport also offers flights to the outlying regions of Ireland. Apart from one of our convenient and well-priced airport transfers, buses and taxis serve as the standard airport transportation; however, a rapid transit line connecting to airport to the city is currently being planned.

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If one desires to catch that rare feeling of being in another time that is unique to this special city, one will need to travel no further than the neighborhood of Temple Bar. Considered one of the most charming places in the capital, it’s not hard to see why. After many decades, this place holds on to its 20th century architecture, exemplified in the neighborhood’s dozens of antique cafés and bars, cobblestone streets, and seemingly ancient street scenery.

Another avenue into experiencing the city firsthand is to enter into one of the city’s hundreds of pubs. Because the capital is so populated compared to the other regions of the country, this city is known to have a vibrant nightlife, which is exemplified in its pub life, and no pub is more known as The Cobblestone. Not only is there authentic Irish ale available, but The Cobblestone is also the place where one can listen to traditional Irish music. Also, if one is lucky, one can listen in to the Irish tradition of craic, which basically is any type of offhand conversation among the Irish.

On the other hand, the beautiful and peaceful greenery so emblematic of this city is found in dozens of places. A stroll around the classic architecture and elegant gardens of Trinity College is the best place to contemplate the beauty and peace of classic Ireland. It is also essential to visit the Dublin Castle, wherein one will learn interesting history lessons about Ireland’s royal past. And to fully experience the Celtic natural splendor, nine miles off the city is the cliffs of Howth, a place where Ireland meets the Atlantic Ocean, a place dreamt of in fairytales.

Dublin Airport Guide

Dublin airport coded as DUB is known as one of the top ten busiest airports in the planet. It accommodates 60,000 passengers per day and over 18.7 million per year. It has two terminals that both serve domestic and international flights. It has two runways that serve 600 aircrafts per day. More so, the airport is known to have state of the art facilities and high quality services.

Dining, Shopping and Entertainment

Dublin airport has a mall called the Loop. It has an extensive number of bars, restaurants, specialty shops, cafes, retail outlets and duty free shops. The loop also has an online shopping option where passengers can shop online and just pick up the purchase in a designated pick up point inside the airport.  More so, terminal 1 and terminal 2 has restaurants and small cafes for guests and passengers. For first class travelers, VIP lounges are available for only 20 Euros per three hour stay. Large screens and children’s play room is available for entertainment.

Arrival and Departure

Departing passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their schedule time of departure. The passengers will undergo security checks and immigration procedures for foreign travelers. Passengers are advised to have their travel documents such as valid IDs, Visa, passport and boarding pass. To avoid delays, avoid bringing sharp objects, flammable and poisonous substances in the airport. For hand carry baggage, only one piece of luggage is allowed.

Arriving passengers are also subjected to security checks. Foreign visitors are subjected to immigration clearance for entry and exit documents. After which, all passengers are subjected to customs clearance to check for prohibited or restricted items. All baggages are tagged, monitored and x-rayed before releasing to the passengers.

Other Facilities

Dublin Airport has complete facilities for disabled persons; they also have baggage storage services for a fee. The airport has a currency exchange facility, ATMs, banks, medical services, religious facilities, internet access, self-service post, baby changing facilities and customer service desks. Parking overnight is allowed in the airport for a fee. More so, taxis, coaches and rental cars are available to bring the passengers in the city center which is only 10 km away from the airport.

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  • Exemplary after sales service!I booked my transfer with Green Path Transfers at Ho Chi Minh city airport. It was the first time I was using Green Path Transfers. However, owing to last minute visa issues, I was not able to leave the airport. I contacted Green Path to cancel my trip and requested a refund. They promptly refunded me, with no questions asked. After the visa-related stress I really appreciated this 5 star service. I'll definitely be using Green Path Transfers again on my future travels.Mr. Nicholas Mialaret - August 12, 2012

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