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A little bit about us...

Green Path Transfers is a global provider of airport, inter-city and inter-island transfers with two critical points of difference from other transfer providers.

First, we are committed to being a truly global provider, operating in parts of the world where competitors do not. Our parent company, the WHL Group, started life with a mission to help small tourism operators in the developing world access global markets. This led to building a very large network of tourism professionals in over 300 destinations globally ...many of them in off the beaten path destinations. Over time we hope to introduce most of these to the Green Path Transfers network

Secondly, our goal in every destination is to only use low carbon emission vehicles to minimise our carbon footprint. Where we cannot reduce the footprint to zero we will offset 100% of the emissions generated and work behind the scenes to continue to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Various information given throughout our site details the types of Suppliers we work with (and how to become one), the Destinations we are present in, our focus on Going Green, and our Carbon Offset program, including information about the companies we have partnered with for this program.

Finally, Green Path Transfers is a member of the WHL Group., the world's largest local travel company.  The WHL Group believes in improving the travel experience and the ethical standards of tourism from the bottom up and for everyone involved.

WHL Group companies tap into and magnify the excellence of local tourism experts who, alone, are local leaders, but united have become a forceful global presence for the right kind of tourism, bringing to major markets all the local opportunities that make a positive impact on hosts and visitors.

If you share our concern about building a more sustainable future for tourism, we'd suggest you subscribe the the WHL Group blog, The Travel Word which provides a daily digest of news about the best travel experiences out there.

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