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35 Do’s and Don’ts of Flying

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      1. Don’t make jokes about blowing up the airport, even (especially!) on Twitter.
      2. Stock up with a good book and some magazines
      3. Work out your transport at the other end beforehand. Waiting in line for cabs can be brutal.
      4. Don’t over pack, unless you want to either pay extra or be forced to leave stuff behind.
    1. Charge your phone, ipod, iPad, laptop, and any other electrical beforehand. You never know when you’ll be stranded for hours without a power point.
    2. And if you are, make sure you have a global socket converter.
    3. Don’t lose your temper at the ground staff. Delays aren’t their fault. And it just makes you look like a petulant child.
    4. Bring some hard currency, just in case ATMs aren’t working in the destination. Even better if you can bring hard currency of the destination you’re heading to.
    5. Don’t drink too much waiting for your flight.
    6. Don’t push in front of others.
    7. Don’t hog free internet terminals.
    8. Don’t stuff yourself with greasy food. It’s not always easy to avoid, but it can lead to a pretty uncomfortable flight for you (and those around you)
    9. Wear deodorant. Please.
    10. If your feet stink, keep your shoes on. I know they’re sore, but seriously.
    11. Don’t shower in the bathroom sink. It’s fine to wash your face and freshen up, even to brush your teeth, but if you find yourself stripping down to your underwear and washing your entire body in the public restrooms, you’ve gone too far.
    12. Put your seat up for meals. It’s a simple rule, follow it.
    13. If you have a weak bladder, choose an aisle seat.
    14. Follow the rules for on board luggage. No one likes the person who brings 3 big bags on board and takes up all the overheard luggage space.
    15. If you need to use the toilet and you’re in a window seat, unless it’s dire, wait until everyone in your aisle has finished eating.
    16. Don’t pull on the seat in front of you, especially when getting in and out of your aisle.
    17. Don’t get drunk on the plane. I know the alcohol is (often) free. Try to control yourself.
    18. Stop screaming and shouting with your friends. We know you’re on holiday. We know you’re excited. We are not on holiday with you. We are not excited. Tone it down.
    19. Don’t rush up the aisle as soon as the plane lands. People in the aisles in front of you should go first. Everyone else can be polite and obey society’s rules. So can you.
    20. Try to judge the person next to you. If they’re not interested in your conversation, stop trying to force them into one. A good hint might be when they put on headphones in the middle of your sentence.
    21. It shouldn’t even need to be stated, but yeah, the bathroom. Try not to leave it looking like an entire music festival has just used it.
    22. Work out if there’s free wifi at the airport beforehand (and where in the terminal it is). Who doesn’t love something for free?
    23. You don’t own the armrest. We are both sharing this little strip of metal and plastic separating us. Sharing.
    24. No one else wants to hear your music blaring from your headphones. Your musical taste isn’t that special or “edgy”, sorry.
    25. Have the address and phone number of your hotel (or place you’re staying) easily accessible  in your hand luggage. Often you’ll need to include this information on your tourist arrival card/entry visa.
    26. Keep a pen handy, especially for filling out landing cards/entry visas.
    27. Control your kids. At least TRY to control them. That’s all I ask.
    28. A bottle of water is always a good idea (if you can buy one once you’re past airport security). Flights will dehydrate you.
    29. I know you want the window seat. But I was at the airport before you specifically so I could have a window seat. Don’t sit in it and then hope that when I get on I’ll be willing to swap with your crappy middle seat. I won’t.
    30. Flight attendants are there to serve everyone. They are not your personal butler. Don’t treat them like one.
    31. When going through security, take your wallet and keys and phone out, and your belt and shoes off, BEFORE you get to the front of the line. You’ve just watched the 50 people in front of you do it. That wasn’t enough notice?
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