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7 Reasons why Istanbul Deserves to Be in Your List of Must-Visit Places

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Istanbul is an enchanting city in Turkey, which is known for its rich and fascinating past when it used to be the center of history’s famous empires including the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. With the influence of this cultural heritage, Istanbul has become a thriving city that most travellers choose to discover.

What is most distinct about Istanbul is that it is situated in two continents where its old city is found in Europe, which the modern areas are located within the Asian border. There are also two interesting sections of Istanbul that are separated by the Bosphorus strait. Because of the city’s strategic location, it has become one of history’s renowned trade centers and it remains as Turkey’s significant centers for culture and finance.

The thing that fascinates most tourists who visit Istanbul is its enigmatic culture, which features a perfect combination of modern and ancient. You will also be amazed by the architectural structures in the city that depict its rich past such as the vibrant bazaars, elegant mosques and palaces, Byzantine ruins and stunning bath houses or hammams.

So, if you are up for a one-of-a-kind adventure, then make it a point to visit Istanbul. The must-see attractions in the city will never disappoint and you will find your first ever trip to Istanbul quite worthwhile, as long as you check out these places during your visit.

1. Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Get to know more about Istanbul’s past during the reign of the Ottoman empire as you tour around the Blue Mosque. This famous attraction is situated in Sultanamet, which is the city’s historical district. It is a mosque with multiple domes, which serve as the distinct symbol of the city’s Islamic past. The mosque was constructed during the Ottoman Empire and it is frequented by worshippers each day. The structure got its name from the blue and white tiles used to decorate the entirety of the mosque and these tiles are strategically arranged and have a fascinating floral pattern.

2. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Your visit to Istanbul will never be complete without a trip to Hagia Sophia. It is also called “Aya Sophia” in the Turkish language and it serves as the city’s most renowned attractions. This domed monument is famous for its ochre color, which was designed as a church when it was first constructed during the Byzantine empire. However, it was transformed into a mosque when the Ottoman empire conquered the city. What most people find fascinating about the structure is the ornate interior, which is embellished with Islamic calligraphic roundels and Christian mosaics. Thus, you can tell that this famous building depicts the religious contrast in the city.

3. Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum

Another spectacular place worth visiting in Istanbul is the Topikapi Palace Museum, which is found on one of the hills that surround the city. It also served as a residence of one of the renowned sultans during the reign of the Ottoman empire. This majestic palace has interconnecting courtyards, vast terraces, fountains and ornately designed rooms that will give you an idea of the opulence of the Ottoman Empire’s wealthiest and most powerful Sultans.

4. Boat Ride on the River Bosphorus

Boat Ride on the River Bosphorus

This is an exciting ride that will give you an amazing experience of travelling the lovely river in Istanbul. As you take this thrilling boat ride, you can check out more of the city’s fine attractions including the historic forts, wooden homes during the Ottoman empire, suspension bridges such as Faith and Bosphorus bridge and fascinating palaces. These bridges serve as the main links between Europe and Asia where the city is located.

5. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaars

One of the biggest and oldest bazaars in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar and it features a lively maze of narrow alleys that are full of different stalls where you can find the finest bed spreads, carpets, souvenirs, hookahs, clothing and leather goods. Haggling is one of the common activities in the bazaar and you can always bargain for your purchases for the best value for your money. The Egyptian market is another famous attraction in the bazaar, where you can find your choice of spices, nuts, dried fruits, tea and lokum, or rich nuts with the finest Turkish delight.

6. View of Istanbul from the water

View of Istanbul from the waters

If you want to discover Istanbul from a different view, then you should check out cruise trips on the stunning Bosphorus River, where you could find great views of the majestic and impressive silhouette of the city, You will also find the elegant yalis or sea mansions during the Ottoman Empire, which are scattered on the city’s shoreline. There are also plenty of green spaces such as parks and forests that you will only find when you escape from the confines of Istanbul’s Old Town. Keep in mind, though, that ferry rides can be very crowded and expensive. So, for a more relaxing time during your cruise trip, then you should contract a private boat.

7. Birds-eye-view of the city

Birds-eye-view of the city

You can also have a spectacular view of the city by going up the Galata Tower. It may only take just a few hours from your morning, so you can have a trip to Bebek, which is best done by riding a taxi. Upon reaching that place, you can hike going up the hill that is found behind the neighborhood. Then, once you reach the edge, you can discover the spectacular sights that will blow your mind away. After a great view, you can head down towards Bebek and walk towards another bridge for a spectacular Bosphorus brunch.

Aside from these great sights, Istanbul is famous throughout the world for its exciting festivals. The Istanbul Kultur ve Sanat Vakfi organizes these events, which range from contemporary performing arts, orchestral recitals and even outdoor performances, to name a few. With all these fascinating activities, you will have a blast during your trip to this culture-rich city.


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