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Our first priority is to minimise our carbon footprint by selecting local suppliers of transfer services operating green friendly options such as hybrid or electric vehicles or using bio-fuels. More information about this can be found on our Going Green page.

We recognise, however, that many of the local suppliers we work with are just starting the journey to using carbon neutral transfer vehicles and hence we have decided to work with two organisations we believe offer innovative and extremely accountable / transparent offset options, in order to fully offset 100% of the emissions produced by our transfers.

The long-term goal of Green Path Transfers is to invest in projects within the countries where the emissions are generated. In the meantime, the two offset organisations we are working with are:

  • Blue Ventures Carbon Offsets - Blue Ventures Carbon Offset (BVCO) works to tackle climate change while providing economic, social, health & environmental benefits to vulnerable and impoverished communities in developing countries. BVCO runs socially responsible offsetting projects through sponsorship of solar and fuel efficient stoves in Madagascar and South Africa. These stoves dramatically reduce wood use and associated local deforestation, as well as the time and money spent by families by gathering fuel wood. There are also distinct health-related benefits to using these energy efficient and solar stoves. With less smoke produced, the incidence of respiratory infection is likely to decrease, and also the incidence of burns from open fires in the home. The stoves also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 - 2 tonnes per year compared to the inefficient and unsafe open fires that are commonly used in the regions.
  • atmosfair - atmosfair is an independent, non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany, and provides offsetting of vehicle emissions on an established best practice basis. Individuals and companies can pay voluntary climate fees and therewith finance emission saving projects in developing countries that save the same amount of emissions elsewhere. In 2004 atmosfair has been established as a spin off from a research project of the German Federal Environment Ministry, with the aim to set high standards, making offsetting a trustworthy contribution towards climate protection. atmosfair projects meet the highest environmental and climate protection standards regarding emissions calculation, project selection and funds allocation. Using serious monitoring mechanisms and detailed information, atmosfair guarantees that the money really goes where it should.

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