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Adana Airport transfers

Getting to Adana will immediately give you a perfect view of its turquoise coast as the airplane descends over the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Also known for its fine-sand beaches, Adana is a vibrant city that lies on the Seyhan River south of Turkey. When it comes to demographics, Adana is considered the 5th most populated city in all of Turkey. The entire region is a stretch of fertile land which makes it agriculturally and commercially productive. Because of its location, being 30 km away from the shorelines of the Mediterranean Sea, Adana experiences a Mediterranean climate, where winters are mostly wet and mild, and the summers often dry and hot.

An economically developed city that relies on agriculture and commerce, the city of Adana attracts thousands of visitors from more than 20 nations to the annual Adana Agriculture Fair. They are known to market and distribute large quantities of cotton, barley, soy bean, grapes, wheat, corn and citrus fruits in the agricultural region of Cukurova. A tour of the city gives tourists their fair share of cityscape and historical landmarks, mostly built during the late 15th and 16th century (Adana's golden age of architecture). read more

Row houses, footbridges, Ottoman houses and clock towers are only some of the city's known tourist attraction. They also have plenty of gardens and parks, and because of their warm climate, Adanali's (the people of Adana) have no problem in maintaining these places during the winter season. Their agriculture-based living is a major element that defines Adana's culture, and even if certain factors (like industrial development, massive migrations, transportation improvements and the effects of communication) have affected the culture of Adana, they still have their beliefs and culture intact with Adanali's fluid intelligence.

Getting to Adana is no longer a problem, as just like every other economically and agriculturally developed city in Turkey, flights are now a major part of the city's transportation system. Sakirpasa International Airport in Adana is the 6th busiest (considering domestic traffic) and 8th busiest (considering total traffic) airport in Turkey. Travel arrangements can be arranged through Sakirpasa International Airport's main office, where they arrange for domestic and international flights in two main terminals. Restaurants, bars and cafes situated within the Sakirpasa International Airport can provide for the passenger's needs for eating and drinking. There are also duty-free shops where tourists can do some shopping. A post office, business center, VIP lounge, first-aid services and facilities for baby changing are situated within the airport. And with the reliable Adana airport transfers, you'll never need to worry about getting to and from the airport.

Adana Airport Guide

Those who are traveling to the country of Turkey might find themselves in the concourse of the Adana airport. This airport located in the Adana province is just a few kilometers away from the city, thus making it an ideal starting point for any tourist or visitor. It is also known to cater to both domestic and international flights so anyone planning to go to nearby places or to overseas destinations will find it very convenient.

The airport is spacious enough for its two terminals. One terminal serves domestic flights, while the other is for international flights and destinations. Statistics show that the domestic area sees much of the action here in the airport. In the year 2011 alone, domestic passengers reached a number of 2.7 million, while international passengers accounted for only half a million people. It is perhaps because of this wide use of the airport by domestic passengers that not many of its staff members are able to talk in English. It is thus always recommended that those who plan to go to this airport should learn at least the basic Turkish languages to make sure that they do not get lost or are not taken advantage of.

There are also various restaurant options available in the different floors of the Adana airport. One dining establishment located at the second floor caters to the enjoyment of its guests not only because of the food that they serve, but because of the beautiful view that can be seen from its location. The airport is located at the southern part of Turkey which makes it come alive with palm trees and other desert flora. With a higher location, guests can expect to enjoy a wonderful view that is not disturbed by any high rise developments.

Although this airport is touted to be better than the airports from surrounding countries, there are still vast areas for improvement. One traveler wrote a review saying that it was chaotic. Many locals were there for their domestic businesses, and it seems that there are no laws as to how they should behave. Guests can expect to get more than a sniff of secondhand smoke, some of the other passengers will stare, and there are even locals who will offer to carry luggage only to ask for tips in return. Those who will find themselves as guests of the Adana Airport should always keep an open mind and an even more open eye.

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