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Nairobi Airport Transfers

Nairobi is the largest city and the capital of Kenya. Before, this city was just an inhabited swamp, but when the Uganda Railway made this place their headquarters, it drastically changed. However, a number of health-related incidents that plague this city hindered its development. In addition, this city was once under the rule of the British Empire. Since then, it rapidly grew its administration and tourism. This was mainly because the city was the first port of call by big game hunters. However today, Nairobi is not the primary tourist attraction in Kenya.

Even if that is the case, a tourist must not be discouraged on checking this city out. There are many things to do here for tourists. Animal lovers would love most of them.

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  1. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You will not see elephants every day. Well yeah, you can check them out in pictures and videos, but here in this place, you would see them live. This is a good place to start if you love elephants or if you are planning to bring the kids.
  2. Giraffe Centre. This is another good spot for an animal lover. As the place says, it is a haven for giraffe lovers. You can feed them up close and interact with them. Make sure that you bring your kids. They would surely love visiting here.
  3. Kazuri Beads Factory. If you are looking for nice souvenirs to take home, make sure you stop by here. Not only you will be able to handpick cool souvenirs, you will experience an educational tour inside the factory.

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the only airport in this city. In terms of public airport transportation, you can choose either riding a bus or taking an airport taxi. Most tourists prefer a pre-booked airport transfer to take them directly to their hotel without the need to haggle with taxi drivers. Just like any ordinary airports, Jomo Kenyatta International is complete with Nairobi airport transfers needed by passengers who are landing and departing.

They have banking facilities, a post office, and currency exchange service inside the terminal building. In case that you get hungry after the trip, there is a restaurant, a pub, a snack bar, and a café scattered around the terminal units. In addition, if you want to wear authentic African clothes there are a wide variety of shops you can visit here.

Unfortunately, there are no conference facilities in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Alternatively, there are several airline and VIP lounges available. The facilities for the disabled are average. In case you are in need of assistance, make sure to contact their airline before visiting. Lastly, most of the airport hotels are 20 minutes away from the airport, so make sure you choose the best airport transfer to transfer to a hotel immediately.

Nairobi Airport Guide

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the biggest airport there is the Jomo Kenyata International Airport.  This Nairobi airport is the biggest in all of the East and Central Africa.  It is located 18 kilometers east of Nairobi. 

This airport is very important as it is the pacesetter for all the other major airports in this African region.  The airport is served by 49 airliners.  The airport has direct flight schedules to the Middle East, Europe, the Far East and the African continent.  


There’s a cafeteria inside where passengers are allowed to sit to wait or to eat.  This establishment offers both cold and hot drinks.   If in case you find the cafeteria crowded, there are rows of chairs just outside.  Some people have the habit of seating longer even after finishing their meals or drinks. 

The problem of lack of chairs is a result of the security measure implemented after the bomb attacks in Nairobi.  All the chairs were removed after the incidents but things are set to improve as the new terminal is under construction. 

Priority Pass

To have better access to the Nairobi airport lounges, you should sign up for a priority pass.  That will ensure that you have at least a comfortable place to sit and drink.  You may not have the same experience with lounges in modern countries, but there is at least one pc with internet connection in this airport.  Additionally, there are no queues to bear with when you want to use the toilets. 

Some More Advice

Always make sure that your departure form has already been accomplished before checking in.  The check in opens three to four hours before flight.  The people at Nairobi love these forms so well.  They’re really strict with documents. 

In addition, you should be prepared with your visa.  If you would arrange your visa in advance, you’ll get through the lines a lot quicker. 

If there is delay with your bags, remember that is the problem of the airline service rather than the Nairobi airport.  Midday traffic is always better than those in the morning or in the evening.  Make sure that you make arrangements with your driver to transport you during the middle of the day. 

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