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Driving Green in San Diego, California, with Wherever Shuttle

Sunny San Diego, California, is one of America’s ‘greenest‘ cities. Its open spaces and dozens of phenomenal attractions, such as Balboa Park, Legoland and the world-famous San Diego Zoo, combine with miles of gorgeous beaches to draw in upwards of 30 million visitors each year.

With so much appealing nature on hand so critical to its charm, the scenic city now clearly really has a vested interest in pollution abatement, including in transportation, where there has definitely been a steady rise in demand for environmentally conscious alternatives.


Co-owner Bruno Mora of Wherever Shuttle, San Diego, California

Co-owner Bruno Mora poses beside the biofuel-powered company van run by Wherever Shuttle in San Diego, California. Photo courtesy of Sunny San Diego Tours

Prominent in this space is Wherever Shuttle, the first and only green San Diego airport transfer company. As an exemplary part of the county’s green innovations and achievements, Wherever Shuttle transports business and leisure travellers wherever they want to go in San Diego. And now, Wherever Shuttle brings a new level of service to travellers as a local partner of Green Path Transfers, the world’s first global environmentally friendly transfer service.

“Wherever Shuttle is proud to represent Green Path Transfers in San Diego,”says Bruno Mora, co-owner of Wherever Shuttle. “Both companies are eco-friendly and have the same mindset to make the transportation of the future a personal conscientious decision!”

It’s Bio Logical

Wherever Shuttle was launched in July of 2007 by two friends passionate about the environment and alternative energy. After extensive online and local research on the production of biofuels, San Diegan Ryan Wilcox and Brazilian-born Bruno Mora set out to turn their expertise into a responsible, profitable and worthy new business venture.


Wherever Shuttle converted Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicle, San Diego, California

Belonging to Wherever Shuttle's fleet, this converted Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicle runs around San Diego, California, on recycled vegetable oil. Photo courtesy of Wherever Shuttle

Eliminating carbon emissions continues to be a fundamental objective of Wherever Shuttle. Its fleet – a 12-passenger Mercedes van (equipped with an LCD television, DVD player and satellite radio) and a sleek Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI for the ultimate in luxury and comfort – is therefore powered by 100%-recycled vegetable oil. Unlike fossil fuels like petroleum, vegetable oil–based fuels (made of soy, corn oil and leftover grease from local restaurant kitchens) are sustainable, renewable and readily available. The process involved in burning these biofuels is considered carbon neutral and therefore much better for the global environment.

Today, the company’s services include chauffeur pickups for weddings and birthdays, transfers to nightclubs, support for corporate and special events, airport transfers (including LAX) and even local wine tours.

Powered Responsibly

With the slogan ‘powered by biofuel’ proudly displayed on the side of its company van, Wherever Shuttle caters to the growing pool of responsibly minded travellers interested in reducing their footprints.


12-seater Wherever Shuttle Mercedes can converted to run on biofuel

Converted to run on biofuel, this 12-seater Mercedes van is equipped with LCD TV/DVD player and satellite radio. Photo courtesy of Wherever Shuttle

“Whether you are travelling on business or on vacation with your family or friends, Wherever Shuttle, powered by 100%-recycled vegetable oil, will take you in an environmentally friendly way WHEREVER you want to go” says Mora. “We are very happy and proud to represent Green Path Transfers, a global company with the same green transportation mission as us!”

“As Wherever Shuttle are the only transportation company in San Diego to make a real commitment to going green, it was a logical choice for us to partner with them,” said Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers. “We hope more ground-transportation companies follow their lead in using environmentally friendly biofuels.”

For any visitor who enjoys spending time in the beautiful outdoors, San Diego’s comfortable coastal temperatures and unique landscapes provide the perfect year-round escape. From a wide variety of beaches ideally suited to sunning and surfing, to the abundant opportunities for wine tasting and the endless range of hiking trails and bike paths, every visitor will find something that is worth discovering in San Diego. Now, even better, this soul-filling indulgence can all be enjoyed in good conscience through Wherever Shuttle.

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, go to

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