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Green Airport Transfer Rides in the Green Mountain State of Vermont

One thing you won’t miss while passing through Vermont’s pastoral landscapes is billboards; they’ve been banned in the state since 1968. Their absence is just one quality of many that has helped Vermont develop a reputation as one of the greenest states in the U.S., both literally and figuratively.

With unobscured pride of place, the vast, emerald, forested swaths of the Green Mountains of southern Vermont that gave the state its name continue to lend it its decidedly rural character, and have undeniably also been instrumental in fostering a famous sense of being green in the environmentally progressive sense. In fact, in 2007, Vermont and Oregon tied for first place in a Forbes ranking of America’s Greenest States based on measures such as carbon emissions per capita, air quality, energy efficiency and policy.



Church Street, in downtown Burlington, Vermont, is the main pedestrian walkway through the city. Photo courtesy of wikimedia/Jared and Corin

Burlington is Vermont’s largest and most populous city, but with under 50,000 people, a sense of livability, community and responsible stewardship prevails. In keeping with the state’s leanings, Burlington’s environmentalism is central to the city’s progressive mindset; it drives economic growth and diversity. Burlington is the kind of place where good green ideas can blossom into businesses.

Green Cabs VT: the Newest Green Path Transfers Partner

Burlington has wasted no time in joining the ranks of environmentally forward-thinking destinations worldwide that offer responsible ground transportation services bookable online through Green Path Transfers, a new global provider of eco-friendly airport and intercity transfers.

Burlington complements a list of other North American cities like Portland (Oregon); Denver and Vail (Colorado); San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego (California); and Toronto, Canada.



'Oscar' is a Toyota Sienna minivan that can hold up to seven passengers. On the roads around Burlington, Vermont, its hydrogen injection system reduces the inefficiency of the internal combustion engine, using less gasoline and producing less emissions. Photo courtesy of Green Cabs VT

Green Cabs VT is the Green Path Transfers local partner in Burlington, Vermont. Green Cabs VT’s commitment since their establishment in 2008 to low-impact, low-emissions ground transportation made them a fitting addition to the Green Path Transfers worldwide network of transfer operators dedicated to going green.

A Friendly Green Fleet

Green Cabs VT’s founders, Charlie Herrick and Lizzie Keating, have slowly been assembling a fleet of lovingly named eco-conscious vehicles. The partners started out with ‘Yoda’ and ‘Gazoo’, two now-retired Mercedes Benzes that were converted to run on bio-diesel, diesel and waste vegetable oil, the latter sourced from local restaurants’ discards. Still in active service today are ‘Fiddlehead’, a Jeep Grand Cherokee fitted with an electric traction system and back-up on-board generators powered by propane or diesel; ‘Kermit’, a Miles ZX40S electric vehicle that is used for low-speed driving within the city; ‘Oscar’, a Toyota Sienna minivan with a hydrogen injection system that makes the engine much more efficient; and ‘Maggie’ and ‘Noonan’, twin Prius hybrid sedans.

Green Cabs VT is also preparing a full-speed electric vehicle to be powered entirely by electricity generated through solar and wind systems. “We’re going to put quite a few ideas out there, and see which ones work,” says Herrick. “We want to promote the availability of alternative fuels.”

A Promising Partnership

As a Green Path Transfers partner, Green Cabs VT is able to reach a worldwide marketplace of travellers looking to minimise their carbon footprints on every leg of a trip, using everything from flight offsets to green ground transportation and eco-minded accommodations and tours.

“We’re very proud to have a partner as committed to providing an eco-friendly transport service as Green Cabs VT is,” explained Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers.



State Route 25 is an example of a Vermont country road that offers a scenic drive, especially during fall foliage season. Photo courtesy of Flicker/dougtone


Vermont is an inspiring destination for nature travel. Visitors from overseas as well as other U.S. states are drawn in by its vibrant seasonal attractions like breathtaking fall foliage, winter skiing, and spring and summer hiking and sailing. But any time of the year is good for enjoying small, rural bed-and-breakfasts and picking up local Vermont-made products.

Driving the backcountry roads to take in scenic old barns and covered bridges is also part of the Vermont experience. With businesses like Green Cabs VT, even the drive can be earth-conscious too.

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, go to

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