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Keeping Transportation Green and Down to Earth in Mile High Denver

Denver, Colorado, is known as the ‘Mile High City’ because, as many a local can report, anyone standing on the right step of the western entrance to the state capitol building is exactly one mile (5,280 feet / 1,609 metres) above sea level. Loftier still, just 12 miles beyond the city limits, the foothills of the snowy Rocky Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to Denver’s modern skyline and serve as a constant reminder of Colorado’s rugged mining-town history.


Exectrans team in Denver, Colorado

Sun and snow - two key ingredients of the Colorado experience - are now available through Exectran, the Green Path Transfers partner in Denver, led by Karen Kerrick (far left) and Lew Kerrick (far right)

While the elevations may be sky high, one local company is working to make sure that the city’s carbon emissions don’t get there too. Executive Transportation (or Exectran), the newly announced Green Path Transfersairport transfer partner for Denver, has been in the business of providing personal transportation solutions for the better part of 20 years. The team behind its success has over 30 years of experience in the industry, but has breathed new life into the business with a beneficial focus on sustainability.

Key Player

Founded in 1992, Exectran has grown steadily to become a key player in the Denver ground transportation industry. Its team of drivers has also grown and is now composed of a friendly group of local experts who can deliver essential tips about the city and its environs.

Just as vitally, a new level of environmental awareness has heralded a renaissance of the company’s fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans and limousines with seating capacities of between four and 14 passengers. Over the last three years, the company has converted its vehicles to use biodiesels and other alternative fuels. Only one refit has yet to occur but is expected to take place within the next six months.


Exectran vehicles in Denver, Colorado

In Denver, Colorado, the Exectran fleet ranges from four-person luxury sedans to Maxi SUVs capable of seating up to eight passengers. All of the vehicles shown here are green to go!

Green City

The city of Denver is acutely aware of the need for sustainability and the importance of reducing the impact of climate change. Living, as they do, in the shadow of snow-capped mountains, locals are waking up to the need to protect their natural surroundings and are doing their part through a number of initiatives.

One key scheme, Greenprint Denver, aims to “integrate environmental impact considerations into the city’s programs and policies.” Greenprint also hopes to educate local residents about the steps they can take, both as individuals and as part of a grassroots ‘Green Team’ of friends and colleagues.

In parallel with this is the Green Jobs Initiative, which promotes careers in the local green boom industries of solar energy and sustainable construction. The program targets marginalised groups by providing training and skills-development courses.


Exectran drives in Denver, Colorado

Exectran prides itself on its drivers' professionalism and training. Whatever your destination in the Denver, Colorado, area, you're guaranteed a top-class experience

Looking Forward

“We are very excited to be one of only two preferred [Green Path Transfers] vendors selected for Colorado,” said Exectran’s owner, Karen Kerrick. “We are looking forward to supporting what we believe.”

Exectran is a shining example of the forward-thinking attitude that’s gathering steam in cities all across the globe. Exectran’s attention to sustainability and carbon reduction therefore makes it an ideal fit with Green Path Transfers, the world’s newest global environmentally friendly ground transportation service, one that has assembled a critical mass of equally earth-conscious local partners.

Kerrick and the rest of the team at Exectran provide an excellent service that doesn’t cost the earth whether the selected destination is Rocky Mountain resorts – which are “awesome, whether it’s winter or summer, our only two seasons,” says Kerrick – or the surrounding area’s skiing, hiking, sightseeing, white water rafting, kayaking, swimming, motor boating and visits to ghost towns, or even the Denver metro area’s extensive attractions.

“Stay Green!” emphasises Kerrick. “This is the only earth we have.”

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, go to

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