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Naturalimo Is the Natural Choice for Green Travel in Los Angeles

With its motto of ‘Maximum Luxury with Minimum Footprint,’ the Los Angeles airport transfer company known as Naturalimo has become a driving force in carbon-offset travel. A finely tuned balancing act between factoring in luxury, comfort, efficiency and environmental responsibility has seen the company become a firm favourite with the green celeb set!


The world famous Hollywood sign is a must-see for Los Angeles visitors

The world famous Hollywood sign is a must-see for Los Angeles visitors. Some of the best views are available by car while driving on Beachwood Drive. Photo courtesy of Flickr/vmiramontes

Now joining ranks as the new local partner of Green Path Transfers, the world’s first global environmentally friendly transfer service, Naturalimo is poised to become a true trendsetter in the world of responsible transportation.

“Sustainability is gradually becoming an acceptable and ‘normal’ option and that’s very inspiring to me,” explains Naturalimo CEO, Dean Wood. “As far as I’m concerned, every trip someone takes in an eco-friendly limo displaces yet one more pollution-laden, non-sustainable, eco-unconscious stretch limousine. What I like to say about Naturalimo is: you travel in style and help Mother Earth too!”

Ecological Taxis for Hollywood’s Elite

Having worked as a limo driver in Los Angeles, California, Wood has for a long time been monitoring the changing demands of his environmentally savvy celebrity clientele. During his many years as a chauffeur, he has watched how members of Hollywood’s elite ditched ostentatious, conventional, gas-guzzling limos in favor of more sustainable and environmentally conscious travel options.

Wood therefore quickly set off to develop a thoughtful business model for a successful limo service of his own. As a staunch advocate for sustainability, he named the company Naturalimo and forged ahead with plans to rely exclusively on eco-friendly vehicles, a clever decision that propelled Naturalimo to immediate success among the green and glamorous of Los Angeles.


The La Brea Tar Pits are a world-famous paleontological site on LA's Wilshire Boulevard

Located right on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles' historic Miracle Mile district, the La Brea Tar Pits are a world-famous and easily accessible paleontological site. Photo courtesy of Flickr/ikrichter

“Today, amongst all the 14-seat stretch Escalades and 30-foot super-stretch Hummers, it’s not unusual to see Priuses and Highlander Hybrids at the red carpet,” Wood notes. “The paparazzi used to ignore hybrids pulling up to a public event, but now, when I pull up, the paparazzi realise somebody who is likely to be a big celebrity is arriving…and they come running over!”

Gearing up for Success

Naturalimo puts paid to the idea that protecting the environment and travelling in style need not be mutually exclusive. Investing heavily in sustainable technologies that promise eco-friendly elegance, the company boasts a fleet of Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV’s), hybrid sedans and alternative-fuel vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG). Future plans for expansion include the addition of cutting-edge specialty vehicles, such as biodiesel SUVs and plug-in electric vehicles, as they hit the market.

Choosing Your Green Machine

At present, clients can take their pick from three top-of-the-range, environmentally friendly vehicles – a pleasant departure from the traditional gas-guzzlers favoured by many chauffer services. There is the Toyota Camry Hybrid that produces 80% less exhaust emissions than a standard car, the Lincoln Town Car Executive L Series CNG that provides a 90% reduction in CO emissions and a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions, and the Chevrolet Suburban CNG, which is great for larger groups but with 90% less emissions than a conventional SUV.


For a taste Tinseltown's glamour, take a spin down Sunset Boulevard. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Ryan Desiderio.

For a taste of Tinseltown's glamour, take a spin down Sunset Boulevard. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Ryan Desiderio

The Driving Force: Its People

Naturalimo’s staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and to promoting eco-friendly travel. Knowledgeable, professional and, of course, fully licensed, the Naturalimo team of drivers ensures that whatever the occasion and wherever the destination, clients can be confident they will where they want to go in comfort, on time and secure in the knowledge that they are doing their bit for the planet.

“Naturalimo are a perfect partner for us, especially in a destination as large and important as Los Angeles,” explains Adrian Cordiner, CEO of Green Path Transfers. “Beyond his eco-friendly credentials, we were also very impressed with Dean Wood’s focus on customer service, a very important factor when selecting our exclusive partner in a destination.”

To learn more about Green Path Transfers and how to be part of carbon-neutral travel arrangements that emphasise green technology in a growing number of destinations around the globe, go to

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